Intertek Aware™ APM software platform for the power generation industry provides a web-based collaborative management solution for owners and operators of complex equipment and facilities.

Aware APM provides the tools to manage the life of power generation assets. Highly engineered equipment such as piping, pressure vessels, valves and tanks are at risk from damage through corrosion, erosion and fracture, to name just a few. Rigorous inspection is needed to minimize the risk of equipment failure and meet regulatory requirements. Additionally, repairs and upgrades need to be accurately recorded and tracked.

Aware for Power Generation Asset Performance Management Suite 

Aware APM helps you improve the reliability and safety of your equipment, determine equipment remaining useful life estimation and manage inspection data.  It turns complex data into accessible information, helping you make faster and more accurate run, repair or replace decisions. It is the only APM software that utilizes a secured web-based environment combined with drawing interactivity where authorized users access, navigate and visually locate asset information.

  • Visualization capabilities overlay information onto plans and technical drawings
  • Ensure accuracy and standardization
  • Identify trends to reveal deteriorating or damaged equipment

Aware APM also provides a platform for collaboration. You can share information across defined sites, departments, or user groups. 

  • Improve decision making
  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of inspection activities

Aware APM application screens


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