All inspection data management Aware products come with a Maintenance and Support Program. While participating in the program, a customer can expect to receive any and all new product releases, enhancements and problem resolutions.

Customer support is an important component of this program and is there to answer questions and assist in problem determination. This program is automatically included for the first year after purchase, and can be renewed annually thereafter.

Technical support for your Inspection Management Software:

Phone support is available from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Pacific Time. Call 408.350.7020 and select option 2 for Aware support. You can also e-mail Aware support at

Response Commitments Issues will be assigned one of three categories of response, based on the nature of the issue and your requested response time.

  • Urgent - The software fails to function according to its published specification and you are unable to proceed without a fix to the problem or a work-around solution. The response to Urgent issues shall be to assign the necessary personnel during our normal business hours until the issue is resolved to your satisfaction. We may elect to provide a temporary modification or work-around to the product, with a permanent modification included in the next scheduled product maintenance release.
  • Serious - The software or documentation contains incorrect logic, incorrect descriptions, omissions, or functional problems, which you are able to work-around until a fix is made available. The response to Serious issues shall be to schedule the necessary personnel and effort required to solve the problem, and notify you of its status. We shall use our best efforts to correct reported, documented and reproducible program errors within fifteen (15) days after notification from you.
  • Not Critical - Minor code or documentation errors which do not limit the use of the software. The response to Not Critical issues shall be the same as the Serious category above in so far as prioritization and notification; however, the correction of such errors shall be performed within the limits of our resources and consistent with our obligations to other customers. 

On-line Support:

  • Documentation of bugs/work-arounds/fixes for products. 
  • Technical notes from support personnel
  • New release information

Recognizing the special requirements of your applications, we provide a number of strategic Total Quality Assurance services and response commitments exclusively to you.

  • Four Hour Response Time: We ensure you receive responses to your issues within a four-hour response time to identify and isolate your issue. As your partner, we will do everything possible to provide a solution to your problem in the shortest amount of time possible. 
  • Hot Fixes: We will provide new features, enhancements, and intermediate releases as necessary to meet your business requirements. Our in-house product tracking and release management system ensures that we migrate all your tracked releases into future version upgrades. 
  • Engineering Services: We can augment your staff by providing services covering the entire development process from the initial design review to the complete implementation.



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