Pulverizers have a major impact on capacity factor and efficiency within coal-fired units. With several departments contributing to their health, the ability to share accurate and timely information on their conditions can have a significant impact on availability. The pulverizer module from the Aware software suite enables users to track, trend, and report pulverizer conditions and collaborate among maintenance, operations, engineering, contractors, and other groups that can impact pulverizer performance.

What can AwareTM do for you?

With Long Term Service Agreements (LTSA) becoming increasingly popular for maintaining pulverizers, there is a need to facilitate collaboration between service providers and the utility personnel. Aware is a web-based application that can be used to manage the pulverizer maintenance program, capturing and sharing the history and knowledge of the equipment among multiple groups. It enables users to document, trend and report on all aspects of pulverizer maintenance, and makes it available to all members of the team who are collaborating – the service providers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and utility personnel.

Our pulverizer integrity management software is used to report, track, and trend the following type of information providing you with Total Quality Assurance: 

  • Overhauls and inspection findings, recommendations, and status
  • As found and as-left clearances
  • Part movements from machine to machine (e.g. journals)
  • Coal fineness tests  
  • Wear part replacements – actual and scheduled  
  • Clearance measurements  
  • Coal flow and composition 

The software guides the user through documenting inspections and tests by presenting forms to be filled in. A unique form is available for each type of equipment being worked on. The user has specific fields to fill in to document each activity, such as "Conditions Found", "Recommendations", "Priority", etc. This enables you to have a standardized approach to reporting inspection findings. Standardization insures that the right information is collected for each activity, and makes it much easier to review later. The software fully supports loading and storing files such as photos, video, PDF, etc.

After completing the appropriate forms to document the inspection or test, our integrity management software can be used to generate reports in both hard copy and PDF format. Typical reports include: 

  • Daily work list reports providing a detailed list of recommendations  
  • Periodic reports of the conditions found/ recommendations to give craft personnel a better understanding of the work required
  • Mill fineness reports  
  • Wear part replacement reports 

At the end of the overhaul, a consolidated inspection report is automatically generated including photographs, conditions, recommendations, tables, and more. The report can be applicable to the entire unit (other equipment modules can be purchased separately), only the pulverizers, or each individual component (e.g. gear case, bowl, etc.).

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