Intertek provides an independent verification of your organization's data, assuring your stakeholders that your reports are fully credible.

As environmental and sustainability reports become more common, your organization is challenged to demonstrate that your report contains genuine and truthful information. This requires standard reporting methods demonstrating transparent reporting and full stakeholder involvement. What's more, you need to show that your organization is continually improving its performance by learning from and responding to the demands of environmental, social, and economic protection.

Intertek's third-party verification program will assure your report receives a high level of credibility, and will help your organization identify and target key improvement areas. Our multi-disciplinary team, including experienced process auditors, accountants, and engineers, will work with you to define and execute a verification plan based on internationally-recognized standards, such as AA1000, ISAE 3000. The end result is a detailed report that outlines the data collection process, and identifies opportunities for improvement on the data verified.

When we lend a hand with our auditing expertise, your organization and its stakeholders can be assured that your reports provide an accurate view of your organization's initiatives and improvements.

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