Cyber Security Auditing and Certification Services

Cyber security audits are essential to the future of your organisation. Intertek’s cyber security solutions prepare your organisation in the face of cyber risk.

Cyber security involves the protection of critical Information and systems and data from cyber threats such as fraud, bribery, espionage, sabotage or vandalism. The process of keeping up with new cyber technologies, security trends and threat intelligence is a challenging task. Cyber threats cost the global economy hundreds of billions of dollars each year. The use of cyber security can help prevent critical business risks like: cyber-attacks, data breaches and identity theft and can aid in business continuity and sustainability management. When an organization has a strong sense of network security risks and an effective incident response plan, it is better prepared to mitigate cyber risks.

Benefits to cyber security auditing and certification:

  • Critical information & networks, computers, and data are protected from unauthorized access
  • Better business continuity management
  • More sustainability confidence from your stakeholders and customers
  • Improved company credentials and confidence in the marketplace
  • Faster recovery times in the event of an attack, outage, or incident

Intertek is a global leader in Management Systems Certification and cyber security auditing and solutions. Our team of expert security professionals are ready to partner with you in developing and managing a cyber security roadmap.

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