Intertek can guide you through the new IEC/UL 62368-1 hazard-based electrical safety standard for Audio/Video, Information Communication Equipment

What is IEC 62368-1?

IEC 62368-1 is the new Standard governing Audio/Video, Information and Communication Technology Equipment. It was developed from two previous existing Standards: IEC/UL 60065 for Audio, Video and similar electronic apparatus and IEC/UL 60950‐1 for Information Technology Equipment, by the technical committee that prepared both of these original Standards.

IEC/UL 62368‐1 was created to address the technological convergence of these two fields, where equipment is now often capable of both AV functions such as playing music or video and personal computing. Because of the diversity of products covered by the Standard, it takes what is called a ‘Hazard Based’ approach to product assessment.

"December 20, 2020 was the date when IEC/UL/CSA 60950‐1 and IEC/UL/CSA 60065 will be formally withdrawn. Manufacturers who wish to place products on the market will need to meet IEC/UL 62368 to ensure compliance."

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In addition to bringing the scope of two previous standards under the same umbrella, IEC 62368-1 represents a significant departure from what a standard normally looks like. Instead of being based on descriptions of requirements, the standard focuses on the risks that may occur and gives manufacturers greater leeway in deciding how to design the protection.

The Importance of IEC 62368-1

The standard divides a product’s safety risk into three levels. Based on this, the standard then specifies what constitutes an acceptable voltage, for instance, and what type of protection is required.

The effective date to move products from 60056 and 60950 was January 1, 2022. All products that were currently listed to 60065 and 60950 must be revised to the new 62368-1 standard.

Intertek's IEC 62368-1 Advantage

Our experts sit on many of the Standards development committees that shape product legislation across the world, including IEC TC 108 - which has developed IEC 62368-1, so we have the inside track on how this Standard should be interpreted and applied.

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