Semiconductor Equipment Testing and Certification solutions for SEMI and SEMATECH requirements

Intertek's Global Semiconductor Safety Services (GS3) holds global recognition as a leading authority in certification and compliance for the semiconductor manufacturing equipment industry. We serve as a qualified evaluation service, fulfilling the requirements set forth by SEMI S7.

With our expertise and dedication, we ensure that semiconductor equipment meets the highest safety and quality standards, providing confidence and assurance to manufacturers and stakeholders alike.

Intertek tests to the following SEMI Standards:

Intertek's Global Semiconductor Safety Services (GS3)
  • SEMI S1 – Safety Guideline for Equipment Safety Labels
  • SEMI S2 – Equipment Safety Evaluations
  • SEMI S3 – Safety Guideline for Process Liquid Heating Systems
  • SEMI S6 – Tracer Gas Testing (Previously SEMI F15)
  • SEMI S8 - Ergonomic Evaluation
  • SEMI S10 – Safety Guideline for Risk Assessment and Risk Evaluation Process
  • SEMI S12 – Guidelines for Decontamination
  • SEMI S13 – Environmental, Health and Safety Guideline for Documents Provided to the Equipment User for Use with Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
  • SEMI S14 - Fire Risk Assessments
  • SEMI S22 – Electrical
  • SEMI S23 – Energy Conservation
  • SEMI S28 – Safety Guideline for Robots and Load Ports Intended for use in Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
  • SEMI F47 – Voltage Sag Immunity
  • SEMI E187 – Specification for Cybersecurity of Fab Equipment
  • SEMI E188 – Specification for Malware Free Equipment Integration

Semiconductor Equipment Testing and Certification Fact Sheet


Safety Design Reviews

Reduce costs, mitigate risks, and achieve faster market access for Semiconductor Equipment with a Safety Design Review from Intertek.

SEMI Training Programs

Intertek experts have developed one hour, three hour, and eight hour introductory SEMI Training courses giving your team an overview of SEMI S2 and the associated requirements.

Data Acceptance Program (SATELLITE™)

Conduct product testing in your own labs and on your own schedule while obtaining our market-leading Certifications with our SATELLITE™: Data Acceptance Program

SEMI Certification Services

Certification Marks are evidence that a product conforms to applicable safety, quality, or performance standards.

Fabrication Plant Services

With the explosive demand for chips across industries, new fabrication sites (fabs) are emerging, driving a surge in equipment demand emphasizing sustainable sourcing. We offer a comprehensive quality validation to industry standards guaranteeing equipment compliance and to local authorities and fabs’ own specifications.


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