Reduce costs, mitigate risks, and achieve faster market access with a Safety Design Review

Certification shouldn’t be a barrier between you and your customers. A Safety Design Review can help to clear a path for your innovations by offering technical information that can highlight important areas for consideration and provide valuable insight into standards and requirements.

You can customize your safety design review to include:

  • General Questions and Answers
  • Drawing, Documentation or Construction reviews
  • Risk Assessment development or reviews
  • Review of sample and prototype requirements
  • Developing compliance plans

The Safety Design Review can take place remotely or in-person.

Intertek’s Global Semiconductor Safety Services (GS3) experts can develop compliance plans which contain:

  • Reviews of product features to determine applicable standards
  • Reviews of the markets the equipment is intended for to determine applicable SEMI performance guidelines and standards, FAB specific requirements, and other applicable standards (such as installation codes and product safety standards)
  • Lists of required documentation for success in the certification process
  • Critical Component reviews
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