Intertek offers SEMI F47 testing, the voltage sag immunity used in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. The portable Industrial Power Corruptor allows testing to be performed on-site at client locations

What is SEMI F47?

SEMI F47 is a standard specifically addressing voltage sag immunity requirements for equipment used in semiconductor manufacturing facilities. The SEMI F47 standard defines voltage sag immunity requirements that semiconductor manufacturing equipment should meet in order to ensure proper operation even during voltage sag events. Compliance with the SEMI F47 standard helps manufacturers design equipment that can handle these voltage sag events without significant disruption.

Industrial Power Corruptor Specifications:

Input Power:

  • 100-480 Vrms, 50 A continuous, 50-60 Hz
  • Single phase, 3 phase wye or delta

Phase to Phase / Phase to Neutral Sags:

  • Sag magnitude: 0%-125% in 2.5% steps
  • Sag duration: 0.1 cycle to 34 seconds in 0.1 cycle increments
  • Phase angle synchronization: 0-359 degrees in 1 degree steps

3-Phase Dropouts:

  • Duration: 0.3-34 seconds
  • Phase angle synchronization: 0-355 degrees in 5 degree steps

Measurement Capabilities:

  • 13 internal voltage channels
  • 6 internal current channels
  • 3 internal protective earth channels
  • 3 +/- 600 V (AC or DC) external inputs
  • 6 +/- 100 V (AC or DC) external inputs

Test Standards include:

  • SEMI F47
  • IEC/EN 61000-4-11
  • IEC/EN 61000-4-34
  • SEMI E6 (using power flow analysis package)
  • Others


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