Electromagnetic Fields (EMF): workplace safety requirements as measured and assessed by our experts

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can be produced by certain types of technology, and can cause health risks. There is a growing concern in the workplace that, for certain types of equipment and installations, the generated electromagnetic fields can be above safe limits.

The EMF Directive

The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) has defined the limits which a human body can be exposed to before serious health issues become irreversible or problematic to the wellbeing of workers exposed to such fields. The EMF Directive deals with the human exposure at a workplace and the measurements of EMF fields, to ascertain that a working environment is a safe place for employees. 

In the United Kingdom, the EU Directive (European Commission Directive 2013/35/EU) has been transposed into local law via UK Reg. 588/2016. It provides the Action Limits (Low/High) whereby an employer has to take measures to mitigate the risk from exposure to magnetic fields and electric fields which may personnel find themselves exposed to. In the UK it is now a legal requirement to monitor EMF levels in all workplaces to ensure employees will not be harmed or suffer long-term effects from exposure. 

Intertek’s global network of facilities have the capabilities to measure and assess EMFs in the workplace. 

Our services include

  • Provisional assessment of workplace environment to ascertain electromagnetic field conditions
  • Full workplace electromagnetic environment measurements and producing full report of workplace layout with measured EMF values for employer’s consideration
  • Consultancy services in the event mitigation measures are needed to protect personnel from exposure to above Action Limits measurements

Contact us with the requirements for your workplace, which will be fully evaluated by our experts as part of our commitment to Total Quality Assurance.

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