Limited Production Certification (LPC)

We provide Limited Production Certification (LPC) for manufacturers of electrical equipment and electrical machines to be sold in North America.

This certification applies when only a few pieces (potentially just one) of the equipment are made.

The evaluation is performed at your production location, anywhere in the world, and includes applicable testing, an inspection of the equipment, the components used, the markings and the associated drawings. Once it has been certified and the ETL LPC label has been attached, your product can be sold anywhere in the United States and Canada. The local inspection body then checks the correct assembly and the correct electrical connection of the equipment.

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Eligibility Criteria
Limited Production Certification may be used in any of the following situations.

  • Products to be installed in hazardous (classified) locations
  • The product is unlisted. The quantity of units produced may run from one to several hundred. All production is scheduled within a contiguous (3) month period.
  • A limited "market test" run of a product that would normally be mass-produced is planned. All production is scheduled within a contiguous (3) month period.
  • A significant modification to a Listed product will be made on a specific number of units
  • LPC may not be used where no published or draft standard exists

Characteristics of Limited Production Certification

  • Full conformance to recognized standards
  • Evaluation of a representative sample in the laboratory or applicant’s facility
  • Limited number of units, produced over a defined time period
  • Certification marks are applied by Intertek personnel, or by the manufacturer at the point of final assembly
  • LPC Report

Surveillance and Labeling Procedures
Manufacturers may apply the applicable Intertek certification mark to eligible products under the LPC program in the following situations:

  • ISO 9001 Registered Manufacturer
  • Existing manufacturer under Follow-Up Services (including the Certification Agreement, Initial Factory Assessment and regular Follow-Up audits)
  • Existing manufacturer not under Follow-Up Services after a successful Factory Audit is performed
  • One time labeling by an Intertek engineer (performed at a site other than the point of installation)

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