Hazardous Locations Protection Methods

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Protection Method Overview
Our team can help you understand the protection methods in the U.S., Canada, the European Union and global markets.

Division 2 / Zone 2
Division 2 / Zone 2 protection methods apply to products that will be installed in a Hazardous area where the hazard is not likely to occur under normal operation.

Intrinsic Safety
The Intrinsic Safety protection concept provides the highest level of protection for Division 1 / Zone 0-1 environments and can be used in Class I, II, and III.

Explosion & Flame Proof
The concept of Flame Proof / Explosion Proof protection contains the source of potential ignition within an enclosure that will withstand the pressure of an explosion.

To apply the Pressurization protection concept the function of the product must exclude gas by positive pressure differential.


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