Testing and Pre-Certification Testing

We offer complete testing services toward certification to support IECEx, ATEX and ETL certification to access Global markets. This includes the full suite of explosion and electrical testing as well as optical radiation (60079-28), process seals (60079-40, ANSI/ISA 12.27.01) and others.

If you are unsure about the performance of your prototype Intertek offers pre-certification testing to one of more specific tests in certification standards.   A test report for specific tests can be provided and/or a partial ExTR for specific tests.   Requests include testing at elevated or reduced ambient, elevated pressure or whatever is needed to achieve your certification or product development goals.

Custom Testing

To help meet your future product development goals or in cooperation with your R&D team we can provide testing to custom requirements.  These can be protocols modified from known standards, blending of requirements or completely custom testing to your specifications.

Intertek is able to test to the following hazardous locations standards and more.

Product Standard
Flameproof IEC 60079-1
Explosionproof CSA 30
UL 1203
Purge and Pressurization 60079-2
NFPA 496
Increased Safety 60079-7
Intrinsic Safety 60079-11
UL 913
Encapsulation 60079-18
Optical Radiation 60079-28
Dust Protected 60079-31
Liquid Immersion 60079-6
Process sealing between flammable process fluids 60079-40
ANSI/ISA 12.27.01
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