Overcoming compliance obstacles that could threaten a product launch

Getting products to market on schedule and within budget is a challenge in all industries, but where critical protective equipment and components are needed to reduce operational risk, protect against explosion and support business continuity, delays can leave assets, people and processes vulnerable and cost a business thousands of pounds in lost income and penalties.

To help you get to market without delays and within budget, Intertek offers manufacturers of equipment for potentially explosive environments an On-site Design Review.

The Review

This one or two day service (depending on product complexity) provides an Intertek expert - specifically from your application area - on-site at your facility, for a dedicated product compliance review.

This focused session that gets you through 1/3rd of the conformity assessment process straightaway, ensures face-to-face engineer-to-engineer dialogue about your product. It will assess the design, technical data and prototype (if available) and quickly identify design and compliance issues that may compromise your conformity assessment schedule and budget.


  • An actionable list of non-conformities that you can tackle during development - not at test bench stage
  • An in-depth briefing on how protection concepts are tested and what is expected by the relevant Standard
  • Shared knowledge exchange between experts, keeping your staff up to date on the latest compliance developments and best practice
  • The creation of solid, direct working relationships between your expert product designers and our expert compliance engineers for easier on-going dialogue
  • Provides an excellent fast track for manufacturers new to potentially explosive environments - getting them up to speed on the regulations, fast

Saving valuable time in the compliance process

  • Our expert will brief your team on what samples and documentation are needed to complete the compliance process and collect them during the session
  • If data for the assessment is missing from the technical file, it can be retrieved quickly; there are no delays waiting for emails or returned calls
  • Onsite staff can immediately ask and answer questions when an issue arises, leading to faster resolutions

Consider how much you might lose from a compliance delay

Hazloc compliance delay flowchart

What is needed to participate in an on-site review?

  • A quiet room for our engineer to work, with internet access
  • A product technical file (schematics, bill of materials, user/installation/maintenance manuals etc) and prototype (where possible)
  • Access to product designers and management responsible for the development project

Download our On-site Design Review Fact Sheet which contains the information from this page.

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