Intrinsic Safety Solutions

When designing Intrinsically Safe products, Testing and Certification are essential

Products that have been designed to be intrinsically safe are usually suitable for use in all Divisions and Zones due to the fact that this protection method requires the most stringent certification standards. The concept of protection behind Intrinsic Safety involves ensuring low energy levels to prevent incendive sparking and hotspots.

8 Ways to Expedite the Intrinsically Safe Product Certification Process
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Due to the highly complex testing and certification requirements of a product that is intended to be intrinsically safe, we can provide clients with a specialized Preliminary review process to walk you through the standards and requirements associated with this protection method.

We offer two service levels, including:

Limited Overview

  • Simple review of temperature and spark ignition
  • No formal assessment or calculations performed

Full Assessment

  • Full analysis of temperature and spark ignition
  • Must provide schematics
  • Must provide full Bill of Materials

To learn more about intrinsic safety, hazardous area classifications and how to approach your intrinsic safety project, click the button below to download our white paper.


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