We offer NEXT DAY Special Inspection Services to SPE-1000 for Electrical Equipment in Canada

What is SPE-1000?

CSA SPE-1000, Model Code for the Field Evaluation of Electrical Equipment, outlines the minimum construction, marking and testing requirements to ensure a certain level of safety for electrical equipment and products, while addressing potential hazards to the public or property. The Field Evaluation consists of a compliance evaluation of the electrical equipment and its marking and constructional requirements, as specified in the Model Code SPE-1000.

When do Special Inspections Apply?

  • Custom-built equipment that does not have the required compliance labels for Canada
  • Imported equipment sold in Canada that does not have a required label to prove it complies with Canadian requirements
  • Limited quantity production

Intertek's Solutions for Special Inspections to SPE-1000

If custom-built or imported equipment is sold in Canada and does not have a required label to prove it complies with Canadian requirements, Intertek can help with NEXT DAY Special Inspection services. We offer fast turnaround times and reduced travel costs due to localized service for Electrical Special Inspections across Canada.

Electrical Inspection services are not intended to replace full certification. However, there are situations that require inspections quickly to verify compliance. Products found to comply with SPE-1000 are labeled on the spot. The ETL label is a visual proof to inspectors and AHJs that the equipment has met applicable requirements.

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Contact your regional representative:

  • 1-647-886-7183 - Ontario/Nunavut
  • 1-514-434-2622 - Quebec and Atlantic Canada (NS, NB, NF, PEI)
  • 1-800-668-8378 - Western Canada (BC, AB, SK, MB, NT, YT)

Additional Services

Intertek can provide you with multiple electrical/gas product safety services, and can conduct your EMC Testing or Performance Testing as well. Intertek also provides Field Labeling services of unlabeled equipment and building materials in the United States. As a National Certification Body for the CB Scheme, Intertek can issue CB Scheme certificates – the basis for safety certification – for more than 30 countries.

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