Intertek's ASTA team delivers leading services to the electrical industry for switchgear, wiring devices and circuit protection approvals and low/medium/high voltage equipment certification

The ASTA Mark is evidence to your customers, Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs), customs and port authorities, that your product conforms to applicable standards. ASTA Certificates and Licenses provide compelling evidence of product compliance should you ever face a product liability challenge.

ASTA was founded in 1938, is a founding member of the Short-Circuit Testing Liaison (STL) and has held the secretariat of the STL since its inception in 1969. In 2007, ASTA was acquired by Intertek and continues to offer the same services. Our experts actively contribute to the standard committees in the low and high voltage fields at national and international level.

ASTA certificates and Test Reports are available through testing at ‘Recognised’ Testing Laboratories (RTLs) that have been rigorously assessed by Intertek ASTA. ASTA Certificates are the only ones issued following testing witnessed by an ASTA Observer, who is technically responsible to Intertek for the performance and reporting of test. We have a network of over 30 test laboratories which operate the under Intertek Recognised Testing Laboratory (RTL) scheme to support the ASTA Certification.

  • ASTA Certificates and Test Reports are internationally recognised, with a high profile in Asia and the Middle East, and are often specified by major end-users
  • ASTA Licenses and Certificates:
    • Indicate that the product has been independently tested to comply with the relevant clauses of the applicable standards
    • Help to differentiate quality brands to the supply chain
    • Assist the manufacturer against the risk of legal action
    • Ease vendor approval, potentially reducing the number of individual customer/supplier audits
    • Intertek is your expert partner in regulatory requirements

ASTA Diamond Mark

The ASTA Diamond Mark on your product reinforces your own declaration of safety that your product meets appropriate Standards and demonstrates your commitment to producing high quality products. It is widely used to support declarations of conformity and technical file activity required when CE Marking for the EU. It can be applied to a wide range of electrical products, including plugs, socket outlets, adaptors, consumer units, fuses, switches and busbar trunking systems.

The ASTA Diamond Mark indicates that the product has been manufactured in a factory which is inspected at least annually to ensure consistent, safe production. It also shows that the product will be checked at intervals by the certification body for ongoing compliance with the safety standards.

Type Test Certification

ASTA Type Test Certification service was created specifically for manufacturers of bespoke, short run or long lifetime products in the electrical transmission and distribution fields. ASTA Type Test Certification gives added assurance of product compliance and is increasingly required by electrical contractors, project specifiers and purchasers as evidence that a product is tested and in accordance with appropriate standards.

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