ASTA Type Test Certificates provide authoritative objective evidence that your bespoke equipment is compliant to relevant safety standards. The certificate can be used for supporting technical files related to CE Marking for the European Union.

ASTA Type Test Certification is best suited for low volume or 'bespoke' equipment. ASTA Type Test Certification provides you with an independent compliance test certificate for one or a number of samples when tested against the requirements of the product safety standard. The document issued is known now as an 'ASTA Type Test Certificate.'

Type test certification does not involve inspection of the manufacturing facility and the production processes. In some markets type test certification may be sufficient to satisfy the legislative or commercial requirements but in others, particularly where the safety and compliance of mass-produced products is concerned, additional guarantees may be required i.e. full certification. All test reports and certificates are verified by independent Intertek engineers. The ASTA Type Test Certificate issued is sealed and bound to prevent misuse.

Network of Global ASTA Recognized Laboratories
Shipping heavy bespoke equipment to testing laboratories can be a costly exercise. In order to assist our customers, Intertek has a global network of ASTA recognized laboratories. These recognized laboratories may carry out tests to support the issue of ASTA Certificates and Test Reports in accordance with ASTA’s rules and regulations. Mandated ASTA Observers witness the type tests on behalf of ASTA and the ASTA Observers draft the ASTA reports and certificates which are then sent to the ASTA office for verification and issue.

Products for which ASTA Type Test Certificates can be issued include:

LV AssembliesIEC 61439-2
LV Busbar Trunking Systems IEC 61439-6
LV Distribution Boards IEC 61439-3
LV Fuses / Fuse holders IEC 60269 Series
LV Circuit BreakersIEC 60947-2
LV Fuse SwitchesIEC 60947-3
LV Starters / ContactorsIEC 60947-4-1
Miniature Circuit BreakersIEC 60898
Power TransformersIEC 60076 Series
HV Circuit BreakersIEC 62271-100
HV Metal Enclosed Switchgear & Controlgear IEC 62271-200
Internal Fault (Arc) TestsIEC 62271-200 Annex A

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