Intertek’s Tick Mark will help you to emphasize the safety, quality and performance of your products and services.

Intertek's Tick Mark is designed to give manufacturers, distributors, and retailers a point of differentiation in the marketplace and consumers peace of mind about their product purchases. The mark was created to give producers, distributors, and retailers a mark of significance that boosts the marketing effect of their medium-priced as well as competitive-priced products and services, verifies independent third-party testing, and is applicable for national and international markets.

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The Tick Mark can be applied to any type of product, as well as to safety and performance features, audits, and inspections. All past claims can be brought together in one single mark. With the Tick Mark, you have the possibility to use your company’s logo on the mark itself including product & customer specific claims, for example:


  • Standard conformity EN, ISO, DIN
  • Type approval
  • Dish washable


  • Standard conformity EN, ISO, DIN
  • Energy efficiency (ErP)
  • EMC tested


  • Plasticizers tested
  • Contaminant tested
  • SVHC tested / REACH compliant

Performance & Usability

  • UV-resistant
  • Splash proof
  • Weatherproof

Inspection & Audits

  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Manufacturing surveillance
  • Supplier audited

Life safety systems

  • Fire detection and alarm products
  • Security protection products
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Carbon Monoxide Alarms

In addition, every Tick Mark uses its own certificate number, for a guaranteed transparency and to avoid misuse. All valid certificates can be checked online.

The mark can be used in print advertisements, online, on the product packaging, POS, trade shows or other display opportunities in agreement with Intertek. Click the mark below to find out more:


Products exceeding the basic performance requirements of our Tick Mark program can be granted with the Quality and Performance Mark (QPM). The Quality and Performance Mark is reserved for products performing in the top one-third of its respective category. This might be possible for certain brands, elaborate workmanship and function.

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