Intertek can help you obtain the NOM (Norma Oficial Mexicana) Mark approval for virtually any type of product exported into Mexico

All electrical products exported into Mexico must meet NOM requirements as well as mandatory energy efficiency requirements. If your product is in one of over 2,000 product categories, entering the Mexican market, you must have evidence of compliance with NOM standards. Products requiring NOM Certification include household refrigerators, freezers, gas heaters, cloth washers, air conditioners; small induction motors and motor operated tools; vertical and submersible water pumps; compact fluorescent lamps and wiring devices; telecom products that are data transmitters (digital, analogical, LAN or WAN systems) and those intended to be connected to the Public Telecom Network (PTN) and designed to process, receive, transmit or convert signals.

Intertek’s laboratory in Mexico City is an accredited EMA laboratory; however, you can receive testing from other Intertek labs in North America, Europe and Asia. Once the product is found to be in compliance with the applicable NOM requirements, a certificate is issued in favor of your Mexican representative, and the product can be marked with the Norma Oficial Mexicana (NOM) Mark.

Intertek has been accredited and approved as a Certification Body (Accreditation and Approval code: 61/08) by the General Direction of Standards (DGN) of the Secretaría de Economía in Mexico. As an accredited certification body, Intertek may test for product safety and issue the NOM Mark for Mexican market entry. Visit our website in Mexico for more information about our NOM Certification Body (Source: status.

Under Mexican law, the Norma Oficial Mexicana (NOM) certificate holder, is responsible for warranty, maintenance and product liability. NOM certificates are non-transferable. However, a manufacturer that is a NOM holder may extend usage rights of its NOM certification to Mexican distributors, who may then obtain their own NOM certification without additional testing. NOM certificates will only be issued to Mexican manufacturers and exporters, or to manufacturers and exporters in countries with which Mexico has a free-trade agreement.

To facilitate your NOM Certification, Intertek will help you to:

  • Gather required product documentation and determine the applicable NOM standards to save time and reduce testing and certification costs.
  • Coordinate shipping of samples for testing, and if necessary, handle this through our forwarding company and customs broker.
  • Test to NOM standards, and monitor progress until the NOM Certification is obtained.
  • The Intertek certification body, certify your products under the NOM safety NOM standards:
    • NOM-001-SCFI-1993: "Electronic Apparatus. Electronic household appliances input by different electric power sources. Safety requirements and testing methods for type approval", based on IEC-60065
    • NOM-003-SCFI-2000: the mandatory NOM product safety specification for electrical products. As a specification, it does not include testing requirements, but it does call for the following standards:
      • NMX-J-521/1: Household electrical apparatus and electrical equipment, based on IEC 60335-1-1991-04
      • NMX-J-524/1: Handheld motor operated tools, based on IEC 60745-1-1998-02
      • NMX-J-508: Wiring devices, small interrupters, incandescent-type luminaries, based on IEC 60884-1 and IEC 60669-1
    • NOM-016-SCFI-1993: "Electronic apparatus for offices input by different electric power sources. Safety requirements and testing methods", based on IEC-60335-1
    • NOM-019-SCFI-2000: "Safety of data processing equipment", based on IEC 60950
  • If your product is going to be connected to the public telecom network, test to the appropriate NOM standards and/or to ITU recommendations, and obtain complete Telecom Equipment Type Approval.
  • Assist you on product and packaging marking, and help you in preparation of the product manual and warranty in Spanish.
  • Offer expertise and knowledge for a wide variety of products for Mexican requirements, including Telecom Homologation to meet requirements outlined by SCT, the Mexican telecom regulatory Authority.
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