The ES Mark Certification Scheme provides an independent third certification that ensures products meet safety standards, performance standards or both requirements.

As consumers, commercial buyers and regulators have higher expectation for safety and quality in products today, they choose independently certified products for added assurance. Such assurance can be provided by certifying the products with our Intertek certification body.

Intertek is an internationally recognized testing and certification body, we can help manufacturers and traders by ensuring that products meet international standards and conformity requirements.

This ES Mark Certification Scheme requires safety and performance testing of products in accordance to the safety and performance standards. Intertek will issue the Certificate of Conformity and ES Mark when the products tested meet the required standards.

All suppliers and manufacturers who manufacture the products and conform to relevant standards may apply for the ES Mark. To find out the certification status of a known COC number not found in the list below, please send us your enquiry to

ES Mark – Type 5 Certification Scheme

  • Type Tested, and Annual Factory Inspection
  • Annual surveillance allows for periodically taking samples of the product either from production, or from the market, or from both, and subjecting them to specified requirements

Intertek ES Mark

ES Mark – Type 1b Certification Scheme

  • Type Tested, and Batch Tested
  • Certification of a whole batch of products, following selection and determination as specified in the scheme

Intertek ES Mark

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