An ASTA Test Report is issued when tests, otherwise satisfactory, cannot be incorporated within an ASTA Certificate.

ASTA Test Reports are similar to ASTA Certificates in that they are formal, bound records of testing carried out in accordance with ASTA requirements. An ASTA Test Report is issued for any of the following reasons:

a) A Client may have selected non-standard ratings.

b) The equipment may be excluded from the scope of a specification because of design features.

c) There may be no recognised Standard in existence.

d) The Client may wish verification of ratings in accordance with a purchaser’s, user’s or manufacturer's specification.

e) A client may instruct a Recognized laboratory to undertake only a limited number of tests specified in any one Standard or in his own specification.

f) A Recognized laboratory may be unable to meet the requirements of a Standard because of test plant limitations.

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