The ASTA 20 Fuse Endorsement Scheme has been embraced by all major UK manufacturers of fuse-links and several other manufacturers around the world. The Mark is particularly valued when supplying to the UK market and other markets influenced by British Standards.

The ASTA 20 Fuse Endorsement Scheme was developed exclusively for the low-voltage fuse market and provides a highly reputable mark to confirm the safety of fuse-links. The Scheme was originally confined to BS 88 and BS 1361 standards but was expanded to include the EN and IEC 60269 series of standards.

The ASTA 20 Fuse Endorsement Scheme covers fuse-links up to 1,000 Volts a.c. and 1,500 Volts d.c. The Scheme provides a very cost effective solution to third-party endorsement for the particular requirements of the fuse industry, including catering for variant products based on reference designs.

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