ASTA Certificates are truly recognized internationally and are available through testing at ‘recognized’ testing facilities that have been rigorously assessed by Intertek.

An ASTA Certificate is the only document that is independently verified and issued by an independent National Certification Body (NCB) outside of the testing station. The ASTA certificate is sealed and bound to ensure integrity and to prevent counterfeiting.

Certification Drivers

  • Mandatory Safety Requirements
    • Low Voltage Directive (Europe)
    • EMC Directive (Europe)
    • CE Marking Directive (Europe)
    • CCC Mark (China)
  • Customer Requirements (Consumers, Retailers, Consultants, End-users etc.)
  • Confidence and Reliability

Benefits to Equipment Manufacturers

  • Demonstrates Compliance with Mandatory or Client Requirements
  • Risk Management and Assurance
  • Global Market Access - Global Certifications
  • Product and Service Differentiation from the Competition
  • IP Protection (minimizing the risk of counterfeits)
  • ASTA Certificates/Reports have International Recognition (including Asia and Middle East)
  • Provides the End-User with Confidence in Safe Operation of Equipment
  • Test Report can be Easily Modified if Additional Tests are Required Later (Standard Change)

Benefits of Third-Party Certification

  • Independent Evidence of Product Safety
  • Independent Confirmation that the Equipment Complies with the Relevant Clause(s) of the Applicable Standards
  • Protects the Manufacturer Against the Risk of Legal Action
  • Minimizes Risk for all Parties in the Supply Chain
  • An Expert Partner in Global Regulatory Requirements
  • Helps to Differentiate Your Product Against Your Competition
  • Certificates are Often ‘Specified’ by Major End-Users
  • Eases Vendor Approval – Reduces Number of Individual Customer/Supplier Audits
  • Regular Product Testing and Ongoing Verification of Production Processes and Quality Control Procedures (Full Product Certification)

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