Expand your selling opportunities and revenue potential with our Global Market Access service

Expand your market opportunities with our complete suite of Global Market Access services. To move your business forward and grow revenue, you should consider reaching new markets. When you do, you might run into a complex web of regulatory requirements including electrical safety, wireless, energy efficiency, hazardous chemicals, and more.

Intertek can help. Our experts have the knowledge to efficiently navigate global markets from start to finish. We’ll streamline and manage the conformity processes across international boundaries — whether it’s North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, or elsewhere.

With more than 300 accreditations, recognitions, and strategic partnerships around the world, we can offer total quality assurance – including testing, certification, retailer requirements, and cyber security – for any market you choose.

Featured Topic: United Kingdom exiting the European Union (Brexit) - Impact to Conformity Assessment

Our suite of services designed to achieve global market access includes:

  • Multi - country and market-specific research into regulatory requirements
  • Country and market-specific research into regulatory requirements
  • Compliance evaluations
  • Design reviews
  • Language translation
  • Approval planning and management
  • Liaison assistance with testing authorities and approval agencies
  • Preparation and submission of testing and approval applications
  • Testing coordination and scheduling
  • Certification Mapping
  • Local technical support and guidance when testing must be coordinated in the markets you plan to enter

Additional Resources

  • Gulf Region: Intertek can support manufacturers to export electrical equipment and appliances into the Gulf Region’s by meeting specific requirements for product safety, energy-efficiency, and environmental compliance.
  • CB Scheme: Intertek helps clients comply with the CB Scheme, simplifying the process of meeting the requirements for marketing products in more than 40 countries. We issue more CB certificates than any other certification body.
  • Intertek Government & Trade: Intertek helps governments, customs, and national standards organizations improve the compliance of imports with safety standards, protect import duty revenues, and secure the international supply chain.

Emirates Conformity Assessment System (ECAS) for UAE

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