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Global Market Access (GMA) is a convenient one-stop knowledge portal that offers global compliance information, including regulatory sheet, test plan, recall summary and gap analysis based on product type across 40 different global markets. Users of Global Market Access can obtain the latest regulatory information 24/7 with ease so that they can be rest assured that their products’ compliance is monitored and managed well throughout the entire product lifecycle.

GMA Login and homepage

GMA Portal covers global compliance information of over 180 consumer products, under multiple product categories below:

Apparel, Footwear, homesoft, sleepwear

Accessories, art material, childcare product, children’s drinking equipment, cookware, decoration, food contact article, food contact material, foodstuff, furniture (adult & children), hardgoods, health and beauty, office equipment, playground equipment, sport, stationery, toy

Personal Protective Equipment

GMA Portal E-services

On Global Market Access Portal, you can easily obtain global compliance information by rendering any of our four e-Services, including regulatory sheet, test plan, recall summary and gap analysis.

GMA Regulatory Sheet

Regulatory Sheet e-Service allows you to get all relevant regulations your product need to comply with against market(s) of your choice when you buy, distribute, source, import or manufacture consumer products.

GMA Test Plan

Test Plan e-Service off¬ers in detail the test items under each relevant regulatory standard through a simple search.

GMA Recall Summary

Recall Summary e-Service allows you to obtain recall cases from multiple sources, including those from EU RAPEX, US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Health Canada, etc. with the market(s), risk type and period specified.

GMA Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis e-Service enables you to understand the common tests between your existing market and new market(s), as well as additional tests required for fulfilling the regulatory requirements of the new market(s).

What are Tokens on GMA Portal?

Tokens are the trading units for rendering e-Services on the GMA portal. Tokens can be purchased from Intertek for use and are deducted according to the e-Services rendered based on selected parameters.

Benefits of GMA Portal:

  • Obtain targeted compliance information with ease in one single portal
  • Gain instant self-service access to product compliance information anytime, anywhere
  • Understand what additional tests are required when you expand sales in a new market
  • Receive automated alerts when there is regulatory update or recall related to products of interests
  • Improve products’ compliance management
  • Save time and manpower cost
  • Shorten time to market
  • Improve product safety and quality
  • Reduce risk of recalls

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