Intertek’s global reach and local presence enable us to assist retailers, brands and buyers conduct independent, third-party inspections of their consumer goods, including clothing or toys, at their manufacturing source through our extensive network of laboratories and offices in more than 100 countries

In today’s truly global economy, performing textile, apparel and fabric inspection, juvenile products inspection, food inspection or appliance and electronics inspection is essential as these items most likely endured a long journey from their point of origin to their final destination. Because retailers and distributors are often far removed from where your products are produced, it is important to ensure your interests are being well protected and your products are of the highest quality possible. By employing a trusted, independent inspection and testing entity to monitor the manufacturing process, you are able to identify and control quality issues at the source.

Intertek is strategically positioned to help our customers meet quality, safety and ethical standards regardless of where they or their customers are located around the globe. Our mix of testing, inspection, auditing and advisory services is unparalleled in the consumer goods arena, making Intertek the supplier of choice for many of the world’s leading brands. Intertek inspects products and processes on your behalf at all stages from sourcing factories, through the manufacturing process, to delivery. We also offer a team of U.S.-based inspectors to visit distribution centers and warehouses to validate the specifications, workmanship, value and safety of your products manufactured domestically or imported from overseas. Our solutions include:

  • Factory Evaluations – Intertek auditors inspect factories to ensure processes and equipment meet standards as well as to evaluate working conditions.
  • Pre-Production Inspections – Our inspectors conduct random sampling of the raw materials and components to be used in production.
  • During Production Inspections – As soon as the first goods leave the product lines, our inspectors check for any defects or deviations from quality parameters, and suggest practical and effective ways in which these can be rectified in the production process.
  • Final Random Inspections – This pre-shipment inspection takes place when the merchandise is completed, packed and ready for shipment. Our inspectors pull a random sample of finished goods, based on internationally recognized statistical random sampling techniques. We verify quantity, workmanship, function, color, size specifications and packing details, all with a view to ensure that the contract specifications are met.
  • supervision of Loadings – Intertek ensures that the final products that passed inspection are the same products that are packed up and shipped to their final destination.

In addition to Inspection Services for Consumer Goods, Intertek also conducts Supply Chain Assessments to evaluate business risk, capacity and capabilities, workplace conditions, product quality and safety, security and environmental sustainability at your manufacturing sites.

InterLink™ delivers Total Quality Assurance by providing centralized insight into your sourcing operations and supply chain’s testing and inspection activities, to enhance visibility into complex production cycles. 

Our online platform enables users to submit testing and inspection requests, manage reporting, and conduct performance analysis from anywhere, at any time, delivering convenience and enabling efficiency.

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North America Consumer Goods Inspections

Failures in product quality can result in reputational risk for consumer product brands and retailers. A strong inspection program can help reduce this risk by identifying shipments that do not meet your quality requirements post-production.

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