Product risk and human behavior are, in fact, predictable. Intertek provides clients with the power to make decisions based on the most accurate and complete assessment of risk.

By assessing, identifying, and predicting potential hazards at the concept stage, Intertek enables your company to encourage innovation, increase speed to market and reduce cost of product.

Using highly skilled industry-focused safety engineers, scientists, and research specialists, Intertek provides you strategic solutions and tactical resolutions such as:

Injury/Fatality/Recall Data
Analyzing millions of data records, Intertek thoroughly examines prior customer complaints, recalls, injuries and fatalities related to products similar to your own. In order to prevent repeating the flaws of past, understanding exactly what products and their particular features caused complications is key.

Foreseeable Use
Intertek’s human development specialists can conduct foreseeable use assessments and observational studies to determine how people, including children and the elderly, will use your product in not only intended but also reasonably foreseeable ways.

Human Factors
Human factors analysis is the study of the interaction between consumers and products. A human factors assessment identifies how the characteristics of a consumer product may pose a hazard for end users. These identifiable physical hazards include suffocation, airway obstruction, choking, magnet/button-cell battery release, strangulation, eye impact and burn injury.

Consumer Product Safety Training
Intertek works with product safety experts and international safety attorneys to offer customized training courses to minimize safety hazards across your supply chain.

Workshops / External Expert Consultation
Intertek has established an extensive network of experts available to offer extensive consultation regarding the design of your product, potential design hazards detected and more.

Specialized Product Evaluation
Developing a one-of-a-kind product? Intertek can develop test methods and custom-tailored test fixtures to accurately assess your unique product. We also have a variety of tools that can help aid in assessment. One example is using a thermal camera to identify the temperature distribution your product can generate over time in order to determine if it could potentially cause burns to the consumer.

Safety Process Development
The severity level of a hazard can actually be reduced significantly by tweaking the design of the product. Intertek safety engineers can guide you every step of the process – from concept to distribution – to recommend safer designs both you and your consumer can rely on.

Quality Engineering
Intertek’s comprehensive quality assurance services encompass the full manufacturing cycle spectrum using advanced statistical and quality tools, including Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP). With these tools, we can ensure that all critical processes in your system are effectively measured and continually improved.

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