Delivering Safety and Quality Solutions To Meet Resolution No. 171/2016

Resolution No. 171/2016 is Argentina’s electrical safety scheme that applies to low voltage electrical and electronic products (rated voltage between 50V and 1000Vac or 1500Vdc) whose rated operating current does not exceed 63 Ampere.

Intertek is accredited by the Argentine Accreditation Body (OAA) and recognized by the National Directorate of Internal Commerce (DCNI), authorizing us to certify all products affected by Resolution No. 171/2016.

Included in the Resolution’s scope are electrical and electronic equipment that operates with less than 50V, including:

  • Luminaires and power systems for luminaires connected to the network
  • Dichroic or bi-pin lamps and their lamp holders
  • LED lamps and modules
  • Portable hand tools
  • Electrified fences
  • Electrical muscle stimulators that complement physical activity

The inspection reports and CB test reports issued by Intertek can be used as a basis for obtaining the Argentine safety certification.

Thanks to our global network we can also help manufacturers that export to Argentina obtain a Letter of Conformity Verification (CVoC) to demonstrate that their products meet local requirements. The CVoC can be used by several importers and will allow you to apply the ETL-AR marking to your products.

Learn more about our Electrical Safety capabilities, our ETL certification program, or about our Global Market Access capabilities that help you sell products around the world.

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