Thomas Edison and innovation go hand in hand. His ground breaking inventions in the 19th century introduced the world to sound recording and playback, motion pictures, electric light, and the practicality of product testing

Dedicated to bringing a reliable and efficient product to the market, Edison’s famed light bulb invention endured rigorous testing before it was made available to consumers. While his competitors’ products frequently resulted in electrical hazards, Edison’s process brought to light the value of safety and efficiency testing for all manufacturers, and paved the way for the world’s electric and power industry.

Celebrating 125 Years of ETL

As a result Intertek’s expertise is backed by 125 years of product testing, which began when Edison established the Lamp Testing Bureau. It was later renamed ‘Electrical Testing Laboratories’, giving start to the nationally recognized ETL label. Known worldwide for providing product testing solutions, ETL Intertek and its many global partners have built upon Edison’s initial foundation and now provide the most efficient path to ENERGY STAR® certification.

The evolution of Edison’s bright idea (ie. the light bulb) is consistently at the forefront of increased efficiency. While Edison did not solely pioneer the incandescent bulb, his 1879 invention was the first to extend its life past 13 minutes, offering an improved and practical product for consumers. A longer-lasting bulb is visibly preferable, but not all aspects of efficiency are as clear cut. The well-respected solution lies with the ENERGY STAR® label, which distinctly marks a superior tested product and leaves no doubt in the minds of consumers.

Energy efficiency has become a key interest for many as they make the switch to ‘green’ living. The scope of product testing is progressively expanding to meet these interests. Providing multiple energy efficiency certifications, Intertek is proud to continue the forward thinking of our great founder, Thomas Edison.

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