Gas Safety Testing for domestic or commercial appliances, hearth products, industrial equipment or components, for global markets

Our Gas Safety experts possess over 20 years' experience in the Gas Appliances Directive, and help manufacturers ensure compliance with the latest Gas Appliances Regulation (GAR) requirements. We help you to understand the obligations laid out in the regulation in relation to their products and operations.

What is the Gas Appliances Regulation (GAR)?
The Gas Appliances Regulation covers appliances burning gaseous fuel and fittings, new or second-hand appliances imported from a country outside of the EU, and all forms of supply, including distance sales. The Gas Appliances Regulation (EU) 2016/426 (GAR) for appliances burning gaseous fuel and fittings, requires new European Union (EU) Certification, for any relevant product which is not already in the supply chain.

Gas Appliance Regulations: Guidance for Implementation of GAR vs. GAD
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EN 298: 2012 is a Harmonised European Standard that covers the safety, construction and performance requirements for automatic burner control systems for use in appliances burning gaseous or liquid fuels. We can support your testing requirements for the necessary electrical safety, EMC, software assessments, construction and performance requirements for automatic burner control systems and flame detector devices to meet the requirements of EN 298:2012. We can also issue Notified Body certificates to Regulation (EU) 2016/426 on appliances burning gaseous fuels (GAR) for EN 298 systems and devices which are required before affixing the CE mark.

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Our Accreditations
Intertek is a Notified Body for the Gas Appliance Regulation (GAR) and Boiler Efficiency Directive (BED), accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). Our UK laboratory is accredited for the latest Gas Appliances Regulation EN298. This uniquely positions us as the only provider in the UK that can test and certify to the full requirements of the standard within its own laboratories.

In North America, we are an OSHA-recognized Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) and an SCC-accredited Testing Organization (TO) and Certification Body (CB). Our scope includes household appliances as well as commercial appliances. In North America, we offer two marks for gas appliances: our ETL Listed Mark for electrical and gas-fueled appliances as well as our Warnock Hersey Certification mark for gas and oil-fueled appliances for building applications.

Our services can help you determine compliance to EU requirements before entering your appliances into this region.

Our services include:

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