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What is UL 60335-2-89?

UL 60335-2-89 specifically covers the safety requirements for "Particular requirements for commercial refrigerating appliances with an incorporated or remote refrigerant condensing unit or compressor." This standard applies to commercial refrigerating appliances that are used for the storage and display of food or beverages in settings such as restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores.

The standard outlines safety requirements for the design, construction, and performance of commercial refrigerating appliances, including requirements for electrical safety, mechanical safety, and thermal safety. It also covers requirements for components such as refrigerant compressors, refrigerant condensers, and controls. Adherence to the UL 60335-2-89 standard can help ensure that commercial refrigerating appliances are safe for use and help prevent accidents such as electrical shock, fire, and refrigerant leaks.

Benefits of UL 60335-2-89 Testing and Certification

There are several benefits of UL 60335-2-89 testing:

  1. Ensuring safety: One of the primary benefits of UL 60335-2-89 testing is that it ensures that commercial refrigerating appliances are safe to use. The testing helps identify potential hazards, such as electrical shocks, mechanical failures, and refrigerant leaks, and ensures that the appliance meets safety standards and regulations.
  2. Compliance: UL 60335-2-89 testing is mandatory for commercial refrigerating appliances that are sold in the United States. Compliance with the UL 60335-2-89 standard is required by regulatory bodies, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and failure to comply can result in fines and legal consequences.
  3. Improved quality: UL 60335-2-89 testing can help improve the quality of commercial refrigerating appliances. The testing can identify design or manufacturing flaws that can affect the performance and longevity of the appliance, which can be corrected before the product is released to the market.
  4. Competitive advantage: Compliance with the UL 60335-2-89 standard can provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Customers are increasingly concerned about the safety of the products they purchase, and compliance with safety standards can enhance brand reputation and increase customer loyalty.
  5. Liability protection: UL 60335-2-89 testing can provide liability protection for manufacturers and retailers. If an accident or injury occurs as a result of a commercial refrigerating appliance, compliance with safety standards can help demonstrate due diligence and reduce the risk of legal action.

Transitioning Products and Certification to UL 60335-2-89
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Intertek's UL 60335-2-89 Solutions

To harmonize with IEC 60335-2-89, UL and CSA are retiring previously used standards for commercial refrigeration appliances and icemakers, to replace them with North America specific 60335-2-89 standards of their own. These appliances – previously certified to UL 412, UL 427, UL 471, and/or CSA C22.2#120 – will need to comply with UL 60335-2-89/CSA C22.2 No. 60335-2- 89, which goes into effect September 29, 2024. Any new certifications after this effective date must be done to UL/CSA 60335-2-89. Intertek will allow existing certifications to continue after the effective date and we offer a two-year transition period to allow some modifications of these appliances without updating to UL/CSA 60335-2-89.

After September 29th, 2026, existing certifications must be updated to the new standards if any modification is made. Manufacturers must understand the requirements of the new standard to ensure a smooth and efficient transition, as there are several key changes to note.

To learn more, review our 60335-2-89 path to certification infographic, download our fact sheet or watch our on-demand webinar that walks through the requirements of transitioning to the new UL 60335-2-89.

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