Capturing airborne cooking contaminants before they mix with indoor air is critical to indoor air quality

Standard ASTM E3087

ASTM E3087 is the Standard Test Method for Measuring Capture Efficiency of Domestic Range Hoods. This standard was established for measuring the capture efficiency values or the percentage of contaminants that are captured, while cooking, and exhausted through household range hoods.

Intertek ASTM E3087 Solutions

Intertek offers testing to ASTM E3087, giving manufactures the performance evaluation they need to confirm their product is protecting consumers from contaminants and potentially harmful gases including formaldehyde and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. This test method involves the introduction of a tracer gas- Carbon dioxide (CO2) over the top of a simulated range hood to measure the percentage of the CO2 that is captured at various speeds.

This data will also enable manufacturers to both measure existing ability to capture contaminants and determine critical blower set points in which a balance may be achieved of energy efficiency and the ability to capture the minimum quantity of contaminants.

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