Verifying appliances with germicidal functions for efficacy, performance, and compliance with safety guidelines in the intended environment

Germicidal products refer to devices that may kill organisms and bacteria that cause infectious disease. These products are used in healthcare facilities, air filtration systems, home appliances and other applications worldwide to help prevent the spread of pathogens. Clothes washers and dryers, dishwashers, floor cleaners, air cleaners and purifiers are only few examples of household or commercial appliances which may incorporate a germicidal function.

Germicidal products require testing and certification to ensure they comply with industry standards and are safe for use in the intended environment. They can also be tested for performance measuring disinfection or sterilization capabilities used for claims validation. Depending on how these products are used, the requirements and testing will be different.

Appliance Based Germicidal Efficacy Testing
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Germicidal Efficacy Testing


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