Verifying germicidal devices for efficacy, performance, and compliance with safety guidelines in the intended environment.

Germicidal lighting equipment incorporates light output in a special range that kills organisms and bacteria which lead to infectious disease. These lighting products are used in healthcare facilities, air filtration systems, and other applications worldwide to help prevent the spread of pathogens. As part of our Protek end-to-end health, safety, and wellbeing assurance programs, Intertek services support manufacturers, users, and facilities to assess equipment safety and performance.

Germicidal lighting products require testing and certification to ensure they comply with industry standards, can be legally sold and utilized in the intended environment, and are safe for use in the public domain.

Considerations in Bringing a Germicidal Product to Market
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Key areas of testing and verification:

Depending on how these products are used, the requirements and testing will be different. Intertek evaluates germicidal products used in air purification, room cleaners for disinfection or sterilization, robotics, appliances, water treatment, consumer technology, and either fixed or portable products.

Intertek can support showing compliance with safety requirements to standards such as UL 8802 and UL 8803 along with performance testing to various IES standards, such as ANSI/IES RP-27.1-22, ANSI/IES LM-92, and ASHRAE standards such as ASHRAE 241, ANSI/ASHRAE 185.1 and ANSI/ASHRAE 185.2. Intertek also provides services to support in-field measurements of UV radiation performance at time of installation as well as over time.

Intertek’s global network of experts and laboratories work with manufacturers on customized compliance and quality assurance plans for germicidal products across a variety of applications. Contact us today to discuss your project.

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