Navigate Regulations & Program Requirements for LEDs and Conventional Lamps

Affiliations with industry programs can be your strongest asset, making your third party compliance testing partner one of your strongest allies. As a recognized partner and contributor to many standards writing associations and governing bodies, Intertek can help you identify specific program testing requirements to streamline your compliance and overall marketability. At Intertek, we test to numerous standards and country, state, or local requirements for the following decorative or functional lamps: LED, CFL, Fluorescent, High-Intensity Discharge (HID), Incandescent and Induction.

Services for your decorative or functional lamps:

Learn more about measurement and recommended limits for flicker and stroboscopic effect in solid state LED lamps. Intertek & NEMA hosted a free on-demand webinar to discuss the goal of NEMA 77 as well as definitions, applicability, and methods of measurement.:

NEMA 77 - Understanding Temporal Light Artifacts Criteria & Test Methods

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