Unlock your product’s true potential with Global Market Access from Intertek

A major component to a manufacturer’s success today is ensuring that their products meet the diverse and complex regulatory requirements of every target market. Intertek’s Global Market Access (GMA) service is your gateway to understanding and complying with these international standards, making global market entry a seamless process.

With decades of experience and a deep understanding of regulatory landscapes worldwide, Intertek is uniquely positioned to guide your products through the challenges of global compliance. Our comprehensive suite of services includes detailed market research, expert testing, and the acquisition of necessary certifications, ensuring your products are designed with global standards in mind from the outset.

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Why Global Market Access is Essential for Your Business

Navigating the maze of international regulations can be daunting. Differences in regulatory requirements from country to country mean that without a strategic approach to product design and compliance, manufacturers risk facing costly delays and overruns. Intertek’s service mitigates these risks by providing invaluable insights into global compliance requirements, allowing you to design your products to meet these standards from the beginning. Our service not only simplifies the path to market entry but also enhances product competitiveness and appeal in international markets.

Our Approach: Comprehensive, Customized, Compliant

  • Market Research: Our team conducts exhaustive research to pinpoint specific regulatory requirements for your target markets, providing a clear roadmap for compliance.
  • Expert Testing: Leveraging state-of-the-art facilities, our testing services ensure that your products meet all necessary standards and regulations.
  • Certification: We facilitate the acquisition of country or region-specific certifications, offering undisputed proof of your product's compliance.
  • Industry Expertise: Our experts bring a wealth of knowledge in both the technical and regulatory aspects of a wide range of industries, ensuring tailored and effective compliance strategies.

Intertek's global market access services extend to an array of industries, including consumer products (hardlines and softlines), home appliances, IT equipment, industrial equipment, lighting, power gen equipment, and more.

Intertek Inform

Intertek Inform builds on Intertek’s rich history as a trusted Total Quality Assurance provider to over 200,000 users in Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas, and reaffirms our commitment to helping customers easily access the information they need to enter markets around the globe and maintain their competitive advantage.


i2i is a cloud-based, configurable and secure platform for the storage, retrieval and distribution of your Standards, policies and technical documentation. It is a solution that centralises document management, enhances virtual collaboration and enables organisations to control costs, improve efficiencies and maintain compliance.

Brochure: NEW Intertek Access Online Tool

Expanding into international markets is crucial for growth and long-term sustainability. Please download our brochure to learn more about our Global Market Access solutions with our new online tool Intertek Access.