Flexible certification solutions for your custom built or limited quantity products and equipment

Often products for use in Hazardous Locations are specialized or made in limited quantity (as low as 1) for your unique customer needs. When making custom or limited run products, you need a certification option that is flexible. Intertek’s Limited Production Certification (LPC) program provides the flexibility you need while still ensuring your products have been tested and certified against industry standards and requirements. To learn more about this unique market solution, click on the button below to download our white paper.

Download our Limited Production Certification Fact Sheet

A Hazardous Locations LPC evaluation can be performed at your production location or at another site, and includes:

  • An inspection of the equipment, the components used;
  • The markings and the associated drawings;
  • Perform necessary testing as part of the evaluation.

After your custom or limited run product has been tested and certified an ETL LPC label will be applied to your product and it can be sold across the United States and Canada.

Intertek’s LPC program has certain eligibility criteria that require all production to be scheduled within a contiguous 3 month period, and there must be an existing published or draft Hazardous Locations standard to test and certify the product against.

Intertek offers services to pre-evaluate equipment and systems while still in the country of origin, including design review during product design phase, to US or Canadian National standards. This ensures that the equipment is compliant prior to shipment and reduces re-work after shipment and installation.

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