China’s CCC marking system requires manufacturers of explosion proof products (Ex products) to obtain the CCC Mark before exporting to or selling in the Chinese market.

On the 10th of August 2021, the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the P.R.C (CNCA) announced seven technical decisions related to the CCC certification for potentially explosive atmospheres Ex products compliance. The decisions provide clarifications and guidance for the topics, which may be equivocal and may resolve inconsistencies between the operation of certification bodies previously.

  • The technical decision of the CCC certification catalog for the tablet and other explosion-protected electrical products.

To clarify the CCC scope for tablets and other explosion-protected electrical products.

Following products are in the SCOPE of CCC certification catalog.

  1. Tablet (2309)
  2. Ex signal lamp/indicator/warning (Ex-component for signal indicating only, 2304)
  3. The end box ( as accessory of the heating cable, 2303)
  4. Increased safety enclosure (2313)
  5. Human-machine interface HMI (2309)
  6. Slot/base plate module (for electrical connection, 2308)
  7. Inverter (2303)
  8. Ex servo motor (2301)
  9. Blanking elements, plugs and adapter (2313)
  10. Liquid level sensor (2315)
  11. Ex push button and switch with indicating function
  12. Electro-hydraulic actuator / device( 2307)
  13. Controller for pressurized equipment (2304)
  14. Monitoring sub-station and main transmission station (2309)

Following products are NOT in the SCOPE of the CCC catalog

  1. Temperature instrument
  2. Pressure sensor
  3. QR code scanner, Ex intelligent scanning terminal, Etc.
  4. Gas sensor
  5. Transmitter
  6. Ex breathing plug/graining plug
  7. Portable audio and video recorders for law enforcement purposes
  8. Transparent window
  9. Combustible gas detector
  10. Level meter, liquid level meter, flowmeter

Handheld terminals can be verified according to the functions specified in the CCC catalog.

  • The technical decision regarding the CCC certification standard application for Electrical resistance traces heating.

To clarify the standard selection for Electrical resistance traces heating.

  • TC28-2021-03: The technical decision regarding the Elastic sealing ring material in GB 12476.1-2013.

To clarify the aging test requirement for rubber Elastic sealing ring material.

GB 3836 is the standard for Electrical resistance traces heating for CCC certification. The certification body should follow Note 1 of Clause 5.9.1 of GB 3836.3 to confirm the Electrical resistance traces heating meets the requirement of GB/T19518.1-2017.

  • TC28-2021-04: The technical decision regarding the CCC standard application for Dust Protection 'mD'.

To clarify the standard selection, Ex-marking, and the thermal cycle testing requirement for the product with dust encapsulated protection.

For the non-metallic material rubber part affects the explosion-proof performance in the product which is applying for CCC certification. If the test sequence specified in the GB 3836.1-2010 is used, the heat resistance test, freezing test, impact test, drop test (if applicable), and the enclosure protection level (IP) test are tested, and an evaluation record is formed in accordance with the provisions of clause 26.1 of GB 3836.1-2010, the aging test of elastic sealing ring material specified in GB 12476.1 could be equivalently replaced. Such replacement should be described in the CCC type testing report.

For dust explosion-proof products, when taking the IECEx TR conversion approach in CCC application, there is no aging test for elastic sealing ring material in IEC 60079-31:2013. However, this testing exists in the GB 12476.1-2013. In this case, no compensation test is required, refer to the above regulation. The evaluation record should be formed according to clause 26.1 of GB 3836.1-2010 and described in the CCC type testing report.

  • TC28-2021-05: The technical decision regarding the Ex-marking 'icD' for dust intrinsic safety.

To clarify the Ex-marking for the product with dust intrinsic safety protection.

Either the GB 3836.1-2010, GB 3836.9-2014, or GB 12476.1-2013, GB 12476.6-2010 could be used as the CCC certification standard for the product with dust encapsulated protection 'mD'

According to the standard, the thermal cycle test is not required when using GB 3836.1-2010, GB 3836.9-2014 for CCC certification. The Ex-marking are Ex ma IIIA/IIIB/IIIC Tx ℃ Da, or Ex mb IIIA/IIIB/IIIC Tx ℃ Db, or Ex mc IIIA/IIIB/IIIC Tx ℃ Dc.

When you use GB 12476.1-2013, GB12476.6-2010 for CCC certification, the thermal cycle test is required according to the standard. The Ex-marking are Ex mD 20 Tx ℃, or Ex mD 21 Tx ℃, or Ex mD 22 Tx ℃.

  • TC28-2021-06: The technical decision regarding the CCC certification and management for Ex-component.

To clarify the definition of the Ex-component in the context of CCC certification and its certification requirement and management.

For CCC certification, the Ex-marking should be Ex icD 22 Tx℃

Due to the lag behind the standard GB 3836 (from .1 to .9) and GB 12476 (from .1 to .6) used for CCC certification compared with the IEC 60079 series standard. The Ex-marking for the IECEx certified imported product is inconsistent with those in the China National standard.

For example, GB 12476.4-2010 adopts IEC 61241-11:2005. For the dust intrinsic safety, there is no 'icD' but only 'iaD' and 'ibD' Ex-marking in GB 12476.4-2010 due to the time gap between the GB and IEC standards. As a result, there is no corresponding Ex-marking for the imported 'ic' product in CCC certification.

Based on ensuring safety and no risk of the product, the technical committee agrees on the approach of converting the IECEx to CCC. For the product with Ex-marking Ex ic IIIA/IIIB/IIIC Tx℃ in IECEx , the Ex-marking for CCC could be Ex icD 22 Tx℃. The certification standards are GB 12476.1-2010 and GB 12476.4-2010.

  • TC28-2021-07: The technical decision regarding the CCC certification and management for flame-proof lithium-ion battery device.

To clarify the CCC scope of flame-proof lithium-ion battery devices in category 2303

The flame-proof lithium-ion battery device (category 2303) only includes the internal used Lithium-ion battery and the battery packs specified in GB/T 30426 'Secondary cells and batteries containing alkaline or other non-acid electrolytes—Secondary lithium cells and batteries for portable applications'. Any others do not belong to the scope of the CCC catalog.

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