Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme (ECAS-Ex)

Gain access to UAE market with ease by obtaining ECAS-Ex Certificate of Conformity

UAE Regulation for Electrical Equipment used In Potentially Explosive Atmosphere
The Regulation sets the scope, criteria and procedure for the issuance of ECAS-Ex Certificate of Conformity for Electrical Equipment intended to be used in hazardous atmosphere in compliance with the requirements set forth in the cabinet Resolution No. 23 of 2016 in accordance with the IECEx Rules IECEx 01, IECEx 02.

ECAS Certification Scheme
ECAS (Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme) is a certification program under the UAE Regulatory Authority Ministry of Industry and Advance Technology (MoIAT), a scheme intended to register and certify MoIAT regulated products that demonstrated compliance to the applicable Technical Regulation. 

What is the scope of the UAE Ex Regulation?
The Regulation applies to the two products categories sold in the UAE:

  1. Any device that uses electricity for use in potentially explosive atmosphere such as equipment used in generation, transmission, distribution, measurements, control. etc.
  2. Components understood as part of electrical construction which should not be used alone in explosive atmosphere and require an additional certification when incorporated into an electrical construction.

How to comply with the UAE Ex Regulation?
Compliance can be achieved by opting into ECAS-Ex certification programs and obtaining the Certificate of Conformity with a 1 year or 3 years certification validity periods. 

What are the technical requirements for certification?
With direct reference in the UAE regulation to IECEx Rules IECEx 01, IECEx 02, the main technical requirements for UAE ECAS-Ex as follows:

  • IECEx Test Certificate
  • IECEx Test Report
  • IECEx QAR -Quality Audit Report (Not applicable for Unit Verification)

Intertek is Notified Body for MoIAT in the UAE, and can support all the ECAS-Ex certification requirements as well as pre ECAS-Ex requirements such as IECEx Certification

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