Unit Verification Certification is a certification option available for your unique products

Unit verification is the process of verifying the design of single items of equipment, providing assurance that it meets the required specifications under the ATEX Directive. The Unit Verification certificate combines a type-examination certificate and product verification certificate.

The Process to obtain a Unit Verification includes these key steps:

  • Examination and testing of equipment on site or at your location by a certification engineer
  • Verification of the quality management process (verify design) of the equipment
  • Certificate is issued declaring the one unit that received an evaluation is compliant

The Scope of Unit Verification

Unit verification is designed for certification of individual units. If you are planning to manufacture another unit exactly the same as the certified one (perhaps some time in the future), under unit verification this new unit will NOT be certified, as that specific unit hasn’t been examined by a Notified Body, regardless of the fact that it is identical to the previously certified unit.


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