Utilize the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) / Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) diagnostic tool EMxpert and avoid unexpected EMC/EMI compliance issues. Rapidly diagnose and solve problems in a single design cycle in the lab environment.

Intertek is the only independent lab in North America to have EMxpert testing capabilities. Benefits of using this tool include increased productivity in the design phase, accelerated time-to-market, and reduced development costs.

For PCB (printed circuit board) engineers, finding, characterizing and effectively addressing unintended radiators (EMI/EMC) or RF leakage is a persistent design challenge. This is especially true for those doing high speed or high power PCB designs, as well as complex high density designs where there is a premium on “real estate.”

EMxpert is the real-time solution for this challenge. A unique lab bench magnetic near-field scanning system, EMxpert assists PCB designers by:

  • Rapidly diagnosing problems early in the development cycle
  • Providing real-time and highly repeatable identification of problem frequencies, sources, and their physical location
  • Tracking hard-to-diagnose intermittent events thanks to continuous scanning and peak hold

EMxpert is the perfect pre-compliance tool that addresses emission, immunity, filtering, shielding, SMPS and Common Mode testing in mere seconds.

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