Our Antenna Calibration process follows the requirements of ANSI C63.5, resulting in data collection with a resolution of less than 500 kHz.

While this procedure may produce many data points, we will reduce the antenna factor data to a manageable value while maintaining an accuracy of 0.1 dB with respect to the full breath of data.

This table describes our scope of accreditation for antenna calibrations:

Parameter/EquipmentRangeBest Uncertainty (±)Comments
Antenna Factor
Biconical(30 to 200) MHz0.53dBANSI C63.5 Annex 1 with HP8594E, 8494EM
Log Periodic200 MHz to 1 GHz0.61 dbANSI C63.5 Annex 1 with HP8594E, 8494EM
BiLog30 MHz to 2000 MHz1.82ANSI C63.5 Annex 1 with HP8594 EM
Horn(1 to 18) GHz0.74 dBANSI C63.5 Annex 1
Rod10kHz to 100 MHz0.55 dBANSI C63.5 Annex 1, ANSI C63.5 with HP8594E, 8494EM