Calibration services for measuring test equipment to ensure that your instruments always perform as expected

Calibration of measuring test equipment or electrical test equipment such as data loggers, multimeters, oscilloscopes, power supplies or tachometers is required to ensure that your measuring instruments always perform according to expected specifications and standards.

Robust calibration plays a key role in ensuring the quality and reliability of the measuring test equipment you use, which in turn, is very important in ensuring that your products and processes meet international and regional regulations. Various standards such as KOMO approval, as well as quality assurance systems such as HACCP, ISO 17025, ISO 9000 series also require regular check-ups and calibration of measuring test equipment.

With Intertek as your partner for qualified calibration management of measuring test instruments, you do not need to invest in expensive calibration instruments and the technical resources needed to do this in house. Our comprehensive A2LA-accredited certification and calibration services ensure that your products meet all relevant regulations and are recognised with ISO 9001 certification, valid for 12 months.

We offer complete calibration services for various measuring test instruments including:

  • Calibrators
  • Current Clamp Meters
  • Data Loggers
  • Desktop Multimeters
  • Digital Multimeters Handheld
  • Electrical Testing Instruments
  • Modular Measuring Systems
  • Oscilloscopes Desktop and Handheld
  • Probes and Accessories
  • Special Multimeter and Measuring Kits

Our metrology database is setup for a wide range of brands and with our state of the art equipment, well trained specialist we ensure fast lead times, clear reports and swift service through all of Europe and beyond. Automated reminders help you to keep on top of your calibration needs before the expiry date of your instrument’s calibration certificate.

You will benefit from time and resource savings on the registration and administration of the calibration process and with our flexibility and short turnaround time of calibrations, we guarantee a short absence of your instruments. Our automated notification system will ensure that your calibrated instruments are always up to date.

Our specialized calibration team have years of experience in qualified calibration management of various measuring instruments which can help you to ensure that your equipment is working consistently and accurately.

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