Hydrocarbon testing and analysis can enhance efficiency and productivity through the molecular detailing of crude oil feedstocks and other petroleum products.

An important component of production support, hydrocarbon testing and analysis assists oil and gas organisations in identifying and analysing concentrations of hydrocarbon compounds.

This can contribute to optimising extraction, meeting regulatory requirements and improving refiner profitability.

Applying hydrocarbon testing and analysis is integral to determining the makeup of your yield. Sourcing a provider with a strong reputation for delivering time-tested, consistent results is vital for any conscientious organisation. 

Informed by three decades of experience, we are at the forefront of providing trusted hydrocarbon testing and analysis services.

Using the up-to-date and cutting-edge techniques and facilities, we can produce detailed composition information on the molecular and elemental components of your hydrocarbon feedstocks, your intermediate products and final refined yields.

Analysis can be undertaken using high-resolution gas chromatography. Alternatively, an integrated system can be created by combining this with several other technologies, such as inductively coupled plasma and mass spectrometry. 

Official IP, ASTM, ISO and other recognised industry standard tests and procedures are followed by our laboratories. We can also utilise established in-house methods, or adopt those specified by your organisation.

With us as your hydrocarbon testing and analysis Total Quality Assurance partner, we will help you to realise the full potential of your petroleum assets.

Our world-class consultants, engineers and chemists are supported by centres of excellence and cutting-edge laboratories in over 100 countries, ensuring that a full range of exploration and production services are available where you need them the most. 

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