Sidestream microbial monitoring facilitates the examination of sessile microbial communities in situ within oil and gas and other industrial water systems.

Intertek Capcis

Our sidestream application is one of several cutting-edge microbial monitoring solutions we have developed to assist you in understanding the microorganisms that inhabit your water systems.

Microbes can be both integral and detrimental to profitable oil and gas production. As exploration and production methods become increasingly innovative, so must strategies to monitor and control the microbiological risks that threaten your vital materials.

Simulating the conditions of your oil and gas systems, a sidestream microbial monitoring device helps you to evaluate their susceptibility to microbiologically influenced corrosion and other potential problems. 

Sidestream Microbial Monitoring Device

We have developed our sidestream device to facilitate a convenient approach to monitoring sessile bacterial numbers in situ in various types of industrial environments. For the oil and gas industry this includes seawater uplift systems, seawater injection systems and systems using produced water re-injection.

The sidestream device exposes a metal surface, or biostud, to flowing process water to accommodate frequent sampling of sessile bacterial numbers without the need for system shutdown. Biofilms that develop on these biostuds are representative of those present in the simulated operating system.

Data that can be gathered from this process include the numbers of sessile sulphate-reducing bacteria, heterotrophic bacteria and sulphide concentrations. The growth rate of a particular biofilm can be established if biostuds are used and the exposure time is recorded.

Utilising sidestream results, an accurate measurement of the efficiency and optimal concentrations of preventative chemical treatments can be made. 

For such an integral undertaking, you need a Total Quality Assurance partner with in-depth industry and oilfield microbial monitoring knowledge to guide you through your challenges and provide reliable solutions. 

Our efficient sidestream device is designed to save you both time and money, ensure optimal performance and ultimately, add value to your business.

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