Our global network of experts has a strong technical reputation providing a combination of operational, desktop and laboratory services to troubleshoot problems in primarily upstream oil and gas.

Intertek Capcis

Intertek CAPCIS has a strong technical reputation providing testing and consultancy services related to chemistry in primarily upstream oil and gas.

As assets are ageing and oilfields require more water injection, the oil and gas industry is experiencing an increase in water production from its maturing reservoirs. In this scenario, the upstream oil and gas industry is facing growing challenges as the water production run the risk of serious issues such as reservoir souring, microbial corrosion and scale formation.

This fact is compounded by the increasing demand for environmentally friendly chemical treatments.
The need for the combination of operational , desktop and laboratory services to troubleshoot problems has never been greater. Intertek CAPCIS has a long-standing reputation providing valued analytical testing and consulting services to oil and gas clients around the globe to provide cost effective solutions and support customers to minimize the risks of their assets.

Our combination of onshore laboratory services worldwide and field-based personnel allow us to be an independently and globally recognised leader for solving problems associated with produced water processing, reservoir souring, pre-commissioning corrosion procedures, microbial corrosion, emulsion, scale, wax and hydrate issues.

Our testing services include:

  • Water Analyses: Anions/Cations, VFA, Bicarbonate, TDS, TSS, pH
  • Hydrocarbon Analysis: C1 to C60+, wax content, WAT
  • Deposit Characterisation: SEM/EDX, XRD, XRF, FTIR
  • Gas Analyses, CO2, H2S
  • Routine process and integrity sampling
  • Oilfield Microbial testing 

Intertek CAPCIS also offer a range of consultancy services related to production chemistry from modelling of scales to reservoir souring studies to advice on selecting production chemicals.

Our consultancy services include:

Working alongside Intertek CAPCIS will give you the peace of mind that world-class experts, with scientific understanding of global customer needs and informed by decades of practical experience, are contributing to the optimisation of your business.

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