Intertek CAPCIS is specialized in providing cutting-edge solutions for Asset Life Extension and corrosion risk assessment. With years of experience and a dedicated team of experts, we are a trusted partner in ensuring the longevity and reliability of your valuable assets.

Our comprehensive Asset Life Extension services include advanced techniques and methodologies to assess, analyze, and implement strategies to extend the operating life of a producing asset beyond its’ original design life.

We help customers optimise performance and minimise downtime thorough independent evaluations, including:
  • Fitness-for-Service (FFS) monitoring for components and facilities to achieve prolonged operational efficiency
  • Corrosion control and integrity management plans ensuring your assets remain robust and reliable
  • Equipment De-Rating ensuring safe and productive extended use
  • Identification of repair and refurbishment to ensure planned additional operating life is achieved and recertification as necessary
Our experts, advanced technology and industry best practices, ensure your assets receive the highest level of evaluation and care. We provide innovative solutions to a wide range of industries:
  • Oil & Gas Production Platforms: structural assessment and retrofit design of cathodic protection systems, coating protection, repair and replacement strategies.
  • Lifting Equipment: comprehensive evaluation of cranes and mechanical handling systems.
  • Fixed Process Equipment: integrity evaluation and fitness-for-service assessment, predicted future life based on expected operating conditions, enhanced corrosion control plans and inspection strategies.
  • Rotating equipment: maintenance and inspection for extended equipment life.
  • Electrical Equipment & Instrumentation: addressing obsolescence, power systems, and alarm rationalization.
  • Subsea Facilities: subsea architecture assessment, marine integrity evaluation and ballast management.
  • Pipelines: fitness-for-service assessment for corrosion and mechanical damage, review and design of cathodic protection systems, and analysis of free span and dropped object risks.
Intertek CAPCIS has a long-standing reputation as a leading expert in Asset Life Extension solutions, working closely with major operators and organizations to identify the most effective solutions. Our world-class capabilities and in-depth knowledge in corrosion risk assessments enable us to support clients to maintain the security of their assets while protecting the environment and safety, fostering sustainable operations.
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