Pre-commissioning corrosion consultancy aims to protect pipes during hydrostatic testing and wet lay-up and aims to mitigate the degradation of mothballed assets.

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Seeking pre-commissioning corrosion consultancy prior to and during hydrostatic testing and wet lay-up is an important measure for organisations commissioning extensive pipework or pipeline installations.
Following hydrostatic testing, the wet lay-up process may be adopted, providing a practical and cost-effective mothballing strategy. However, this often involves the use of untreated, or inadequately treated, locally sourced water which can pose a risk to materials integrity. 
Oxygen corrosion and microbial corrosion constitute the major form of this degradation and is a problem evaluated and solved by independent pre-commissioning corrosion advice. 
Typical challenges when pre-commissioning and mothballing assets include establishing suitable concentrations of oxygen scavengers, biocides and corrosion inhibitors, estimating the likely period of wet lay-up and minimising environmental impact.
While it is ideal that pipework is fully protected from degradation prior to commissioning, occasions also arise when equipment corrodes after installation as a result of poor pre-commissioning practice.
Our pre-commissioning corrosion consultancy is delivered by experienced professionals with specialist knowledge of this discipline. The guidance we provide aims to optimise your mothballing strategies and safeguard your materials prior to installation. We can also work with you to remedy the causes of failed pipework.
During pre-commissioning, we offer extensive testing and analysis programmes and water treatment recommendations regarding the control of solids, oxygen and bacteria. 
We also offer full-scale pipe section simulation testing, using monitored spools under temperature-controlled conditions, to evaluate long-term performance of biocides, oxygen scavengers and corrosion inhibitors. 
A standard approach we employ towards post-installation pipework faults is to inspect designs and plans and perform tests to determine failure causes. Following this, we recommend a suitable treatment strategy to rectify existing problems. 
Engaging our Total Quality Assurance pre-commissioning corrosion services will give you the confidence that specialists with decades of experience are working to maintain and optimise your infrastructure's performance. 
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