Supercritical CO2 environments are beginning to be exploited in energy and manufacturing sectors

Intertek Capcis

Applications such as carbon capture and storage, enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and nuclear energy are utilising carbon dioxide as super critical fluid or as a ‘dense phase’ CO2. This has generated significant interest in material performance in these environments. 

For example, all stages of the capture, separation, transmission, injection and storage of CO2 can be subject to potential corrosion issues depending on the service environment. Consequently, Engineers are interested testing materials in supercritical CO2 environments, to aid in materials selection and manufacture of equipment. 

Intertek CAPCIS provides specialist expertise and proven testing and consultancy capabilities for materials in supercritical CO2 environments: for pipelines, seals, instruments, controls and other safety critical components.

We have long experience and track record in the techniques and methods required in testing materials in supercritical CO2 including:

  • Corrosion testing over a range of temperatures and pressures
  • Testing in water saturated CO2
  • Testing in the presence of other species such as SO2 or H2S
  • Electrochemical corrosion measurements
  • Decompression tests for polymers

An extensive range of equipment is available specifically for studies with supercritical carbon dioxide including:

  • Over 60 autoclave pressure vessels capable of testing with supercritical CO2 including a new 5 litre Capacity Pressure Vessel with a maximum working pressure of 500 bar and temperature of 250°C.
  • Pump capable of pumping CO2 at pressures up to 600 bar with cooled pump heads to prevent cavitation.
  • Heated Automatic Back Pressure Regulator to control pressure and decompression rates.
  • Process control System to monitor and control test conditions.


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